Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Sage Cohen, Kristi Krug, Maggie Chula, Penelope Schott,
Constance Hall, Tonia McConnell
VoiceCatcher has just launched Volume 5 of its anthologies. I am delighted to have a short story published in this collection and especially to be a small part of this non-profit collective that nurtures women writers and artists in the Portland/Vancouver community. The anthologies are beautifully produced, and profits from sales as well as donations are used to fund educational grants for women writers.

And what a fine group of women! I read with five of them on Saturday, March 26 at the Central Library in downtown Portland. Our poems ranged from the embarrassing mammal-ness of being eleven (Girl); a story about the tragedies of Valentine's Day We make quite a pear, Valentine (Two Peas); a poem about a waitress and the poet's child As she speaks his name / both faces break from bud to blossom (The Waitress); a story about a Korean girl and her father She could not blank out the anguished moans of her father as he pushed against her calling out her mother's name (Father's Overcoat); and a story written by Karen Campbell who is currently incarcerated I want to yell and scream and bitch-slap the whole stupid prison (Minimum Custody). Artist Tonia McConnell displayed her art (paired with poems and fiction in the journal) and talked about having the patience of a fisherman, an eye for light, and an ability to anticipate magical moments.
It was indeed a magical afternoon with kindred spirits.

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